Finding the right Partner for your CRM

Your firm is growing fast but your current system can’t keep up with your growth. You spend too much time managing multiple systems than your business. If this is you?
If yes, you are in good company. Your business growing. Congratulations!

Time to replace or upgrade your CRM or other business software. You have decided a CRM solution that is right for your company. However, successful implementation of your CRM requires much more than just selecting a partner.

There are technical and cost considerations. How quickly they can get us up and running. Can they train the team? How do I find the right partners who can help?

To help you make an informed decision, ask these questions from a potential partner.

Is their experience industry specific?

Be sure the partner you’re considering has experience not only with the software but working with businesses in your field. You’d expect that they also work with other industries, but be sure they have a team that specializes in your unique needs.

Are they the right size?

Look for a partner that treats you like you are their biggest client, even if you aren’t. When it comes to size, you need an organization that’s large enough to support you, but nimble enough to meet your unique needs efficiently and expertly.

Are they Resourceful?
A more flexible company will work with you to ensure that your solution is a good fit for your business. Look for a partner that embraces your needs and thinks creatively to give you the exact right solution and can meet your budget.

Finally, can they work with your timeline and budget?

Can they work with your timeline and budget? What is the process? Look for a partner that communicates well with your people. When you’re working with a technology partner, it’s critical that they know their tools and have proven industry and business expertise.